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👑FAB's free Adblock browser integrates the Adblock function, a super-fast, secure and private web browser, providing powerful ad blocker and an ad-free web experience after ad blocker. fast and stable VPN and private browsing services, with powerful AI technology, it has become a 5-star private ad blocker browser trusted by 20 million users around the world. 🌐 A new upgrade in downloading experience, say goodbye to annoying ads Harassment, try the 5-star free FAB private adblocker browser used by 20 million users worldwide!

🚧Pop-up ad blocker
FAB AdblockFAB ad blocker private browser, specially designed to block annoying pop-ups so that your browsing experience is not accidentally interrupted. The excellent FAB ad blocker private web browser ensures smooth, fast and private browsing of videos, and comprehensively protects your online activities!

📲FAB ad blocker private web browser, safe and invisible
As FAB Ad Blocker Private Browsers we always block advertising cookies from third parties. In incognito mode, your browsing history will not be saved. You can also add a password to this browser to prioritize protecting your privacy!

🔍Block cross-domain tracking cookies
Big data and analytics companies always use cross-domain tracking cookies to track you and make inferences about your interests in order to provide targeted advertising. FAB Adblock FAB Ad Blocker Private Browser not only blocks ads but also blocks cross-domain tracking cookies to keep user data safe. As a private web browser, we'll make sure you have a safe and private web browsing experience.

🔒No logs and fast VPN
FAB provides a free, no-log and unlimited VPN proxy so you can access your favorite websites, improve your gaming experience and not be tracked to your personal privacy data. Fast VPN connections and stable VPN servers enable you to browse various websites quickly and freely.

🚫Privacy Protection
FAB Adblock Private Ad blocker Browser As FAB Ad blocker Private Browser, we have been committed to ad blocker to ensure your clean browsing environment. In incognito mode, your browsing history is not saved and you can also set a password for FAB Adblock Private Ad blocker Browser to protect your privacy at the highest level.

❗Fast and secure browser
Protect yourself from malware-infected ads with powerful ad blocker. FAB simply provides the fastest, most secure private browsing experience.

🖼️Comics mode provides an immersive reading experience
Comics mode eliminates clutter, ads and distractions, while also including full-screen mode and auto-run functionality. When using comic mode to read website comics, the comic content will be loaded in advance to ensure a smooth viewing experience. Ad-free, full-screen private mode adblocker browser provides an immersive reading experience.

💡More features:
✔Gather global AI tools to provide AI search capabilities;
✔ Improve the reading experience in reader mode, making reading news and novels easier and faster;
✔ Change FAB ad blocker private browser theme to make your browsing colorful;
✔ Lock your FAB ad blocker private web browser with a password to protect your privacy at all times;
✔Enable privacy mode and incognito mode to clear all your browsing history, Opera Private Browser leaves no trace.

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Facebook: facebook.com/freeadblockerbrowser
Twitter: twitter.com/AdblockerFree

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Don’t hesitate, download the best Android FAB ad blocker private browser app and enjoy uninterrupted, adblocker surfing!
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