Review from Timothy Patterson
It works, kind of... I was able to get the software to work as well as possible on the WiFi side. The USB connection does nothing on my Nexus 10 connected to my Macbook Air except crash the adb daemon. Anyone that knows how to dial this in is welcome to contact me. Otherwise it is just okay.
SHAPE February 25, 2013
Sorry for the inconvenience! Please submit us a support request from iDisplay right after the connection attempt, so that we can look into the issue. Faithfully yours, Shape team


What's New
Version 3.0.1:
- Support for x86-based Android devices
Version 3.0:
- Updated UI
- Option "Start application" which allows to start an application directly on iDisplay
- Option to move windows to iDisplay with one tap with "Show windows" feature
Version 2.5.0
- Sound transferring support;
- Correct displaying of the main screen proportions.
Version 2.4.4
- Scroll with 2 fingers
Version 2.4.2
- Faster app performance on devices with single-core CPUs
- Faster image rendering on hi-res displays


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