Review from Kit Chung
Win8 only mirrors, videos doesn't stream This can be handy if your configuration is 100% compatible. Too bad there's no trial edition. The company acknowledges that it only mirrors (not span) on Win8 with "certain hardware configurations"; I think the cause of my problem is an AMD GPU. Works fine under win7 except videos doesn't stream if the video is 100% on the Android device; it'll stream if part of the video window is on the computer's screen. For USB to work, you'll need to enable ADB debugging and ADB drivers must be installed and working on the computer. Update - Windows v. still doesn't work in Win8 and Shape Support claims Win8 support will come in May 2013.


What's New
Version 3.0.1:
- Support for x86-based Android devices
Version 3.0:
- Updated UI
- Option "Start application" which allows to start an application directly on iDisplay
- Option to move windows to iDisplay with one tap with "Show windows" feature
Version 2.5.0
- Sound transferring support;
- Correct displaying of the main screen proportions.
Version 2.4.4
- Scroll with 2 fingers
Version 2.4.2
- Faster app performance on devices with single-core CPUs
- Faster image rendering on hi-res displays


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