Review from Clive Moore
Redfly worked this doesn't, no updstes to fix it either update: 3/4/14 the promise of a bug fix for win8 hasn't materialised. do not buy into this, it may work on old computers, but if you have any computer with win8 on it then forget it. original review Redfly was brilliant, but they have all of a sudden disappeared, and leaving I display as an option. I've tried it out wasted my money as usual, but forwarded bug complaints.. To then find loads of other complainers... Redfly worked first time, and worked well, and but they have now disappeared.... I am now left with 2 apps that I have paid for that neither now work... I have now tried this on both a win and vista 32 bit neither work as you would expect, and are more or less unusable.... Redfly on the other hand worked great on vista 32 bit and win 7.... Just really annoyed I upgraded to win and that Redfly has disappeared.... What other apps can I now waste money on...
SHAPE April 7, 2014
Sorry for the inconveniences.Please download iDisplay for Windows 8 from our site at: Try the version and let us know about the results. Faithfully yours, Shape team


What's New
Version 3.0.1:
- Support for x86-based Android devices
Version 3.0:
- Updated UI
- Option "Start application" which allows to start an application directly on iDisplay
- Option to move windows to iDisplay with one tap with "Show windows" feature
Version 2.5.0
- Sound transferring support;
- Correct displaying of the main screen proportions.
Version 2.4.4
- Scroll with 2 fingers
Version 2.4.2
- Faster app performance on devices with single-core CPUs
- Faster image rendering on hi-res displays


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