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With our mobile friendly app you can get all the latest news from DIVE for free and access a handy-round up of previous articles each month. And subscribers can access a vast archive of DIVE articles going back to 2010 including digital versions of our beautiful quarterly magazine brimming with top rate articles and awesome photographs.

The DIVE app is the perfect way to browse ALL our content from your phone or tablet:

• DIVELIVE Keeps you update with all the latest diving and ocean stories - travel guides, kit reviews, in-depth articles, videos and stunning photographs
• DESTINATIONS In-depth guides to the world's top diving areas including the Philippines, the Bahamas and Malta
• DIVE ISSUES A full archive of monthly issues going back to May 2010 and all our quarterly, collector magazines which can be viewed either as full pages or optimized to be rean on your mobile
• DIVE FEEDS Our content divided into key themes - ECO for all the latest news and articles on conservation and natural history; TRAVEL guides, tips and insider articles about the best places to dive; KIT reviews, round-ups and new releases; SKILLS essential information and handy tips and real-life stories

We have been producing DIVE for more than 20 years - the magazine, website, newsletter and app that divers deserve!
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