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Review from Daniel Barrett
Major issues with deposits! I have to take any where from 10-20 pictures each of both sides of the check before it finally accepts a picture that works for BOA. I work for myself, and I work late! Twice now I have come home with a handful of checks and I only have 10 minutes to deposit them, but since I have this major issue with the app wanting to autofocus and screwing up the picture. I now miss out on depositing valuable money needed for my account. I would say to avoid the frustration, I would rather go out of my way to an ATM.


What's New
What’s New
*Corrected check deposit issues experienced by some customers:
-Black screen/image not displayed
-Blurry images
-Preview image stretched and/or not saving
*Corrected account transfers issues:
-Problems selecting a calendar date
-Merrill Lynch scheduled/recurring transfers not appearing in mobile
*Corrected issue encountered by some credit card customers unable to view transactions
*Minor enhancements, fixes
NOTE: Push alerts won’t display until after your first sign in to the new app


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