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Review from Allan Larsen
Samsung s3 Great app. Use it to backup signed doc's. Never used The faxing part of the app its too much money. 1 $ a page really? Why cant you all figure out how to make the phone talk to fax machine. And do away with the middle man. Most financial companies refuse to use efax cause its not secure. Middle man can view the doc.


What's New
3.2.0 (Incoming)
1. Import image from Gallery in “My Docs” screen
2. Setting to clear cache, choose Doc Auto Naming Method
3. Setting to enable “Display Image Details (time/size)”
4. Edit/Save OCR/recognized texts (Premium only)
1. FAX In-app purchase only supports Google Wallet, requiring new permission: Google Play Billing Service
1. Smartly enhance document image based on its type
2. Automatically recognize texts in images for easy searching (Registrants only)


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