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Run shortcuts from Tasker or Locale.

(WARNING: YOU MUST HAVE TASKER OR LOCALE INSTALLED FOR THIS APP TO BE OF ANY USE: AutoShortcut will not show up on your homescreen or app drawer. It is only usable as a plugin in Tasker or Locale.)

AutoShortcut is a plugin for Tasker or Locale that allows you to run any of your installed apps' shortcuts.

Usage examples:
- Play Winamp playlist automatically when you connect your headphones at home
- Open specific Google Play book when you go to bed at night
- Create a new note in Evernote when you're in a team meeting
- By exporting a standalone app in Tasker which contains an AutoShortcut task, you can use your own shortcuts in apps or lockscreens that don't support them, like the stock lockscreen in the Galaxy S3 for example. See a tutorial here:

Note: only shortcuts that have been developed using standard Android shortcut creating protocol will show up and/or work. If a shortcut doesn't work, contact that app's vendor.

- Permission to call phone is needed, so you can add a "Call person directly" shortcut in Tasker or Locale

- Permission for Internet is needed ONLY for splashscreen showing my other apps. Get the Pro version if you want this to go away and to support the developer.
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758 Rezensionen
David Richtig
9. Mai 2020
Funktioniert leider nicht mehr unter Android 10 und anscheinend gibt es auch keine Updates mehr. Auf meinem "alten" Smartphone läuft die App. So kann ich per Google Assistant nicht mehr meine Fritz-Geräte steuern. Schade.
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Ein Google-Nutzer
8. Januar 2019
Wird nicht weiter angepasst. Bestehende Funktionen fallen durch Updates anderer Apps weg. Zum Beispiel Poweramp.
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Matthias Westendorf
5. Februar 2022
Letztes Update 2014 😂. Unter Android 12 keine Funktion mehr. Wozu im Playstore?
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-fixed bug where AutoShortcut actions created using older versions would stop working