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The Official online Nepali news app of Kantipur Daily newspaper with the newly redesigned experience of breaking news & opinion through in-depth stories, photo galleries, news clips and individual profiles.

Favorite Features:
* Explore what is making headlines like never before.
* New Interactive Comments, now you can write and recommend comments online.
* Get recommended Local Nepali news tailored according to your interests.
* Login to get more features form multi-platform (Facebook or any Email)
* A new top navigation for swiping quickly across popular sections
* Read your favorite articles even you are disconnected from the internet with our new instant offline reading feature.
* State of the art app performance including speed and stability.
* Redesigned daily notification featuring the latest breaking news.
* A more visually appealing and responsive grid layout for tablets
* Article pages with richer images, fonts, and multimedia.
* Read, Bookmark or Share article.
* Breaking Local News Alerts that link directly to developing stories
* Find news from your favorite authors.
* Save articles across platforms to revisit later on any device (web, phone, tablet)
* Share articles, photos and videos through your favorite sharing platform
* Find horoscope, Nepali calendar, movies, exchange rate, classified etc.
* Write & publish articles for the online or print edition.
* Manage your own profile, page, and articles.
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