Classic Drag Racing Car Game

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You’re the new fish in the capital of street racing but you will need more than your driving skills to survive in this car game. You’ll have to make friends, prove your loyalty, learn car tuning with a mechanic, and challenge the toughest street racing crews and drag racing gangs who have each carved a part of the city for themselves. Use your superior driving skills to get a great start to the race. Push to the top speed to the finish line in your favorite classic race car.

Are you a fan of hot rods and know your way around classic cars? Is the desire for a high speed no limit drag race with an engaging story something you crave? Wanna get to tuning your cars and hear the engine roar like a beast? Make sure to install Classic Drag Racing Car Game now!

More than 100 classic cars and racing cars await you in this no limit driving simulator with full car customization options available in the auto body shop from engine, tires, rims, traction, clutch, full-body wraps, and more that improve your race car speed. Marvel at your car inside your garage and head to the customs shop so you can race in style! Classic car lovers won’t miss the chance of playing such a high quality no limit drag racing car game with classic cars in an NHRA format. Throughout the campaign you’ll get the chance to pimp your rides in the custom shop, restoring it to your preference; you’ll need some motivation to win those races and save enough cash for upgrades!

Still not convinced? Here are some of the cool features you can find in Classic Drag Racing:

- More than 100 Classic Cars with new cars added over time
- Accurate simulation of driving physics and cars like in real life
- High quality environmental graphics
- Simple controls but tricky mechanics to win every race for each car
- Hit Nitro to tear up the asphalt
- Tons of personalization options for all tastes
- Engrossing story that brings you back everyday
- Fun daily quests and competitions with unique twists each day
- Leaderboard to size yourself against other drivers
- Offline mode to tear up the road whenever and wherever
- Online drag racing against friends and more game modes coming soon

Classic Drag Racing is a drag racing game with classic cars of different time periods, exciting story and engaging in-game mechanics. Like in real life, your car has a fuel tank so each time you race you’ll spend either one or a couple fills to compete in the race. Once inside the race you’ll have to rev your engine just the right way to get a head start on your rival who can turn on a dime but don’t get distracted with the ultra-realistic engine sounds unique to each car! You got that head start but your rival’s car is simply better than yours, this is where you’ll need to time your gear shifts and nitro. Proper nitro usage helps you close the tiny gap between you and your rivals!
This is a fast and thrilling racing kar game with over 100 classic cars, show trucks, muscle cars, racing cars, and street rods starring famous car brands of different generations and more NHRA cars on the way in future updates.

Classic Drag Racing Car Game is a free to play drag racing game developed by Kingkode studio and published by Raya Games. If you’ve previously enjoyed games like GT Club, CSR 2, Asphalt or Need for Speed then you’ll find the best features those drag racing car games had to offer experiencing no limits. Step behind the steering wheel of your favorite classic cars in this high quality graphics drag racing game with the finest drivers of the city to progress the story. Cruise at high speed against other race cars in this adrenaline packed race car game for mere seconds and millimeters to the finish line!
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ویژگی‌های جدید

- More Classic Cars added to the collection 😍
- Minor bug fixes and performance improvements ⚙️