Offers in-app purchases
Review from Cory Lykins
14 day trial $4.99 per year Should mention it's only a trial. Good interface and concept. This is what Google should be doing natively anyway. Hard to trust 3rd parties for this type of data. If it was free (or cheaper) I'd stick with it. For now I'll just stick with Mighty Text until Google fixes this oversight of not syncing this type of data across their devices.


What's New
1113: Fix SMS send bug on some phones.
1112: Fix up device wakeup to not turn on the screen.
1111: Don't wake device on SMS.
1100: Fix some TabletSMS issues. This update will require TabletSMS also be update to
1109: Support for the upcoming TabletSMS app, a native DeskSMS client for Android tablets.
1108: Fix crash.
1107: Update to allow purchase of an additional year.
1106: UI and crash fixes for ICS.
1105: Fix the url of the debugging server used to track down bugs.


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