Big Hangman of Fortune
Offers in-app purchases
Review from Joseph Caddell
Fun Challenge Wonderful design and twist to the ancient classic game. It's not only fun but can be a optional learning/memorization tool for kids or for any age for that matter. You can buy points, interesting themes, for a good price. The elimination round and lifelines keep it easy enough (yet not to over powering) to give it a balanced and still challenging experience.


What's New
Version 3.0: New categories, Prizebot and more!
-Brand new categories and clues to help you solve the thousands of mystery words.
-The fabulous Prizebot! Earn tokens and feed them to him to win awesome prizes.
-Fortune Keys! Use them to unlock amazing themes and powerups.
-New and improved menu design
-Improved versus multiplayer
-Optional push notifications to let you know when tournament results are in and when it's your turn.