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So I installed the update... Everything works fine... The updates actually fixed a few issues for me... Galaxy s3 user.
LevelUp Studio February 25, 2013
Hi, Thanks for your feedback & rating -- If you need any help, feel free to use our support forum -- -- We'll be glad to provide you help.


What's New
Fix issue on KitKat
New widgets: try the new color widgets!
New color picker
Multiple bugfixes
- 5.5.1 - 5.5.2 (Feb 17, 2014)
Chines translation fix
- 5.5 (Feb 12, 2014)
Share weather in forecast screen
Weather alerts
Fix an issue with geolocation
- 5.4.4 (Jan 30, 2014)
Fix weather refresh issue
Fix no city dialog issue
Other bugfixes


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