Plume for Twitter
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Review from A Google User
shocking performance App is now a mess. performance even on a SGS 4 is shocking! widget scrolling now just looks like a manual redraw done slowly, avatar cache is patchy at best and the ability to reply to the wrong tweet even though the correct one was selected via the widget is just plain bad. On the verge of swapping twitter clients now, Plume is pretty but that's about it.


What's New
2014/4/14 - 5.59
- Fix some unwanted ads still going through
- Fix background update stuck sometimes
- Fix misc crash
2014/3/27 - 5.57
- Fix the display of followers/friends
2014/3/18 - 5.56
- Show the retweet/favorite counters in Show Replies
2014/1/21 - 5.50
- new Direct Message handling to be more like a chat system
- display private Twitter DM pictures
- fix issues with pictures upload
Older Changes
- support always-on live streaming
- column counters now show the amount of unread tweets


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