Plume for Twitter
Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tablet Amazing. Just when I thought this Twitter app couldn't get much better, it did. The connections to other Social sites just takes its value to another level.


What's New
2014/4/14 - 5.59
- Fix some unwanted ads still going through
- Fix background update stuck sometimes
- Fix misc crash
2014/3/27 - 5.57
- Fix the display of followers/friends
2014/3/18 - 5.56
- Show the retweet/favorite counters in Show Replies
2014/1/21 - 5.50
- new Direct Message handling to be more like a chat system
- display private Twitter DM pictures
- fix issues with pictures upload
Older Changes
- support always-on live streaming
- column counters now show the amount of unread tweets


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