Zathura, cards shuffler

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In the near future all nextGen board games will come along with an app that will support the game rules and the participated players. This game needs the physical board game called "Zathura: Adventure is waiting" (2005) ( ) but it is not gonna be any problem if you don't have it or if you don't find it in a toy store, because the app shows to you detailed instructions on how to constuct the boad game step by step.

Until then, you can read the order-cards of the game (you know Zorgons?) and also watch the stars, galaxies and planets that are in standing motion in the background of the game.

The game has three screens. The first that appears once you start the app, displays the menu-selections for the game. From there, you can switch off the sound effects (SFX), change the language (English/Greek) and of course ...start[START] or quit[EXIT] the game.

Once you start the game, then the choices are to see the next card [NEXT], to switch off the sounds [SFX] and to go back[QUIT] to the selections menu. The third screen is a confirmation dialog [YES]/[NO]
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23 Νοε 2018

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First release of this game/app (23/11/2018). It acts like the mechanical cards-shuffler of the board game "Zathura: Adventure is Waiting". Don't worry If you don't have the board game. From inside the app you can be forwarded to detailed instruction on how to construct it at home with simple materials from the market of your neighborhood