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About this app

The pH – Alkalinity Adjustment Tool is an incredibly accurate tool for adjusting pH and total alkalinity up or down in swimming pools. In the past, you had four choices for making adjustments to pH and alkalinity:
• Guess an amount of chemical to add, wait for thorough mixing and retest the water in 1-4 hours to see what it did
• Make an Acid or Base Demand Test to determine the amount of acid or base by counting drops, looking up the amount in a table, and then adding it. But this only makes the pH 7.5 and does not tell you what the new alkalinity will be after the addition
• Calculate the amount of alkalinity increase or decrease, add the chemical dose, wait for mixing, and then see what the new pH is
• Use an app or water analyzer that supposedly gives correct chemical amounts but only gives an amount for pH or alkalinity adjustment
None of these methods are acceptable or accurate and they require waiting and retesting.
Now with the pH – Alkalinity Adjustment Tool, you input the pool volume and water conditions and it calculates the exact amount of chemicals to add to reach either a Target Alkalinity (and it provides you with a new pH) or to reach a Target pH (and it provides a new Alkalinity). We call this pH Priority and Alkalinity Priority.
So, you can choose whichever Priority you want – pH or alkalinity. You can also change Targets to see what it will do. The Conditions on Screen 1 can be changed also to see what effect they will have on pH and alkalinity. Changing any condition on screen 1 will change dose amounts and New pH and New Alk on screen 2.

Changing Target pH will change the chemical dose amounts and the New Alk.

Changing Target Alk will change the chemical dose amounts and the New pH.

The pH – Alkalinity Adjustment Tool is an accurate and easy way to know what chemicals are needed to achieve perfect water balance. You can decide what Targets you want for pH and alkalinity and it will calculate everything for you. No more guessing and testing to see what changed. No more under or over-dosing. Save money by knowing the exact doses of chemicals and what they will do to pH and alkalinity.

The pH – Alkalinity Adjustment Tool is different from the Pool Acid Dose Calculator because the Pool Acid Dose Calculator only works for lowering pH and alkalinity and only from Current pH 7.6 to 8.2, Current Alkalinity from 70 to 220 ppm with a Desired pH from 6.0 to 8.1 and CYA of 0, 30, 50 or 100 ppm and Borate of 0, 30 and 50 pm. It also has 0.1 limits for all conditions.

The pH – Alkalinity Adjustment Tool works for any current or starting pH and alkalinity, any CYA, any borate, any calcium hardness, any TDS, any temperature with any Target pH or alkalinity, and it works for raising or lowering both with an accuracy of 0.01. It is also much more accurate than the Pool Acid Dose Calculator because it uses all sources of hydrogen ion (H+) in the water.

There is no other tool like this available for the pool and spa industry.
Updated on
Feb 27, 2021

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