Maalaimalar TamilCalendar 2018

If you were on the lookout for an application encompassing Tamil calendar, planner and a `treasure trove' of information on astrology, horoscopes and auspicious date, time and occasions, your search should end here. Leading Tamil Evening newspaper Maalai Malar is here to provide you with its innovative offering as an application for Phone and Tablet Touch users from 2011.
Once you have downloaded this application, everything from astrology, horoscopes (text and videos), auspicious occasions to planner, calendar is just a touch away.
So if you are planning your betrothal, wedding, naming ceremony of your son or daughter, signing an important document or if you are looking for an auspicious time for your dream home's ``house warming'', this application can come in handy and help you to plan accordingly on the go.
The flashy calendar has loads of information like auspicious time, Dosham, Yogam and Vastu Shastra. In future, besides adding more interactive features, this application will help the users to keep themselves abreast of various day-to-day info.

Doing the “right thing”at the “right time” adds more value to your life.. So download this app right away!
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Bug fixes and performance improvements
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