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秘聊是基於 256 位對稱 AES 加密,並加層採用了PGP再加密,極重度隱私安全。訊息通訊原則不存放在伺服器上,採用手機發送自存記憶體,當您將手機訊息刪除後,伺服器上完全無痕跡,稱為零知識通訊,致力於將此IM系統逐步反覆運算更全面、更完善。

秘聊Michat,所有文字、圖片、均要經過P2P+PGP+Aes金鑰三層加密處理,用戶使用單聊所發出訊息,採用點對點交互,所有聊天數據會自存用戶手機記憶體,所以當用戶將手機訊息刪除,即使秘聊MeChat的研發公司也無任何用戶通訊數據,完全不留痕跡,此協議稱為零知識通訊協定,目前守護隱私通訊特殊功能類型有以下 10 種提供用戶免費使用。

一 聊天等級劃分為五種等級

(1 )一般模式,類似line,微信

(2) 開關模式,是否開啟對方 顯示已讀、未讀。

(3) 保護模式,訊息不可複製,轉發、收藏。

(4) 限時模式,能自由控制這條訊息送出了以後,在指定的多少時間內彼此都一起刪除,完全沒數據。

(5)秒刪模式,當用戶訊息一送出後,接收方系統確認 已讀後,立即自動將訊息徹底刪除。

二 用戶發出訊息,不受時間限制,隨時可以對改目標訊息,長按,執行 撤回指令,也就是反悔的意思。

三 偵測接收方用戶是否對您發出的文字,圖片,進行了拍圖、若偵測到拍圖,系統將立即提示發訊人,xxx 在幾點幾分 截圖人為XXX,截圖快拍提醒。

四 一個秘聊帳號能建立開啟五個不同手勢圖形鎖,隨著手勢鎖的變化,進入不同的通訊錄,也就是說,A手勢鎖 存放國外朋友,B手勢鎖 存放國內朋友,C手勢鎖 存放生意上的朋友,如遇緊急狀況,被強迫開鎖,則自選要讓強迫人看得那道手勢即可,私密空間都對應唯一 一個「圓形鎖」,類似微軟 window系統 的來賓帳戶意思。

五 使用秘聊進行聊天時,發現有人走過來,不需要按下Home鍵,頻繁點擊螢幕想立即退出,我們可以很優雅的動作,只需搖一搖手機,秘聊APP自動響應搖一搖指令,立馬退出秘聊或回到開鎖畫面。

六 巨型聊天群組3000人同時上線。

七 自定接收訊息文字,您收到一條秘聊訊息,可以編輯改成天氣預報或新聞預報,用於分辨該訊息是帳號內主或從發送過來。

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The secret chat is based on 256-bit symmetric AES encryption, and the additional layer uses PGP re-encryption, which is extremely privacy and security. The message communication principle is not stored on the server, and the mobile phone is used to send self-storage memory. When you delete the mobile phone message, there is no trace on the server. This is called zero-knowledge communication. It is dedicated to this IM system gradually and repeatedly to make it more comprehensive. ,Better.

In Secret Chat Michat, all text and pictures must be encrypted by P2P+PGP+Aes key three-layer encryption. The messages sent by users using single chat adopt point-to-point interaction. All chat data will be stored in the user’s mobile phone memory. Even if the mobile phone message is deleted, even the R&D company of Secret Talk MeChat has no user communication data, leaving no trace at all. This protocol is called the zero-knowledge communication protocol. At present, the following 10 types of special functions for protecting privacy communication are provided for free use by users.

One chat level is divided into five levels

(1) Normal mode, similar to line, WeChat

(2) Switch mode, whether the other party is turned on or not, it will display read and unread.

(3) Protected mode, the message cannot be copied, forwarded, or saved.

(4) In the limited time mode, you can freely control that after the message is sent, it will be deleted together within a specified amount of time, and there is no data at all.

(5) Second delete mode, when the user message is sent out, the receiver system will automatically delete the message completely immediately after confirming that it has been read.

Two   users send messages without time limit, they can change the target message at any time, long press, execute  Withdraw the command, which means remorse.

Three   detect whether the recipient user has taken a picture of the text or picture sent by you. If the picture is detected, the system will prompt the sender immediately, xxx is at what time, the screenshot is XXX, and the screenshot is taken to remind you.

Four. One secret chat account can be established to open five different gesture pattern locks. With the change of the gesture lock, you can enter different address books. That is to say, A gesture lock stores foreign friends, B gesture lock stores domestic friends, and C gesture lock If you are forced to unlock the lock in an emergency situation, you can choose the gesture that the forced person can see. The private space corresponds to the only "circular lock", which is similar to the guest account of the Microsoft Windows system. .

5. When using Secret Chat to chat, I found that someone came over. You don’t need to press the Home button. If you frequently click on the screen and want to exit immediately, we can move very elegantly. Just shake the phone, and Secret Chat Ap will automatically respond to the shake command. , Immediately exit the secret chat or return to the unlock screen.

6. A huge chat group of 3,000 people went online at the same time.

7. Customize the text of the received message. You receive a secret chat message, which can be edited and changed to a weather forecast or news forecast to distinguish whether the message is sent by the owner or slave of the account.

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