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Bulletproof vests: a study of safety and health problems (in three parts) / Kamenev Yu., Kamenev V. - XXX p. 313 - (Problems of biology and anti-terrorism).

In three parts of the book, the methodological foundations of the study of the security problem associated with the use of individual armor protection from firearms are described. The posed issues of the problem are considered in the 1st (general) part of the book. In the 2nd (experimental) part, the scientific database is presented, which is necessary to study the security problem from the standpoint of biology and medicine. The basis of the solution to this problem was the biological criteria for a safe outcome of an acronymic contusion injury in relation to all organs of the chest and abdomen. In the 3rd, medical (anti-terrorism) part of the book, it is shown how new knowledge can find application in anti-terrorist operations.

The publication is designed for a wide range of readers interested in this problem. It will be useful for consumers of body armor to get the correct idea of ​​the reliability of individual armor protection, if necessary.

Chapter 1. General characteristics of personal protective equipment (NIB)
1.1 Types and capabilities of NIB
1.2 NIS requirements
1.3 Classification of types of body armor by level of protection
1.4 The main directions of improvement of the NIB
1.5 Issues of examination of the damaging effects of ammunition

Chapter 2. Experience with the use of NIB in Afghanistan

Chapter 3. Problematic issues of individual armor protection in a doctoral dissertation Yu.F. Kameneva


Chapter 4. Methods of experimental study of the damaging effects of small arms when using NIB
4.1 Principles of scientific research orientation
4.2 Modeling damage effects
4.3 Physicochemical simulation models
4.4 Anthropomorphic mannequin
4.5 Biological models of man

Chapter 5. What gives science a systematic study of the damaging effects of ammunition when using NIB?

Chapter 6. The study of the general laws of illegal action of ammunition
6.1 Influence of the bullet’s flight speed on the magnitude of the force of the backward shock pulse
6.2 Influence of the bullet configuration on the magnitude of the force of the backward shock pulse
6.3 Effect of shock absorbing pads on energy transfer mechanism
6.4. Impact impulse examination with and without backstop
6.5 the study of the severity of the bullet impact when penetrating the armor plate
6.6 Influence of body armor on the severity of the prohibitive action of ammunition

Chapter 7. The study of pre-bronchial contusion injury of the chest and abdomen in experiments on dogs
7.1 Closed injuries of internal organs in case of severe acronym contusion injury (A - 30,000 m / s2)
7.2 Comparative assessment of the sensitivity of different areas of the chest and abdomen to shock loads (A - 30,000 m / s2)
7.3 Damage structure under the influence of a shock pulse in different anatomical areas of the body (A - 30000 m / s2)
7.4 Vulnerability of the chest and abdomen
7.5 Impact values


Chapter 8. Extrapolation to humans of the results of experimental studies
8.1 Methods of forecasting per person
8.2 Quantitative indicators of parametric dependencies

Chapter 9. Medical principles for evaluating body armor
9.1 Prediction of the condition of the victims depending on the location and strength of exposure
9.2 Optimization of protection by level and area based on the vulnerability of internal organs
9.3 Evaluation of the impact of body armor design
9.4 Study of full-time body armor

Chapter 10. Clinical and morphological parallels in shell contusion of the chest and abdomen
10.1 Pathomorphogenesis of contusion lesions of the chest and abdomen
10.2 Predicting the outcome of contusion in the chest and abdomen

Chapter 11
Some private recommendations for the provision of medical care to patients with contusion of the chest and abdomen
11.1 The use of antioxidants to increase the body's resistance to local shock loads
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Aug 2, 2019

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