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With the metru candidate app, you can record application videos and participate in time-shifted video interviews.
The integrated product Close-up is a video-based CV that you can easily record with your smartphone and integrate into your application. It helps you stand out from the crowd of applicants. Personality characteristics are at least as important for personnel decisions as the professional qualification itself. With a close-up video, you can authentically present yourself, your skills and your motivation.
If you find a job interesting in the integrated job board, you can participate directly in a time-shifted job interview, the so-called jobcode. Even if you receive an invitation to a time-delayed video interview by another channel, you can easily conduct it with the app. The app takes care of editing your video answers.
Conveniently exchange ideas with recruiters in the integrated, clear chat function and clarify any further questions with them even before the actual interview.
The app's functionalities are based on more than 12 years of experience in video production. We have created a software-based solution with the app, so that editing, directing, sound and animation are done for you by the app. This makes the app easy to use even for complete video novices.
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