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About this app

The Mindology App combines guided visualisation and meditation into one easily accessible platform. These powerful techniques can be used to make positive and long-lasting changes to your life. From self-confidence and self -belief, through to thinking clearly, finding focus and clarity, the audios are designed to be listened to daily to reinforce new and more positive ways of thinking. By creating a habit of listening to the empowering audios, you can create new habits in your life. Learn the techniques to shift your mindset, to create new beliefs and more positive outcomes in your life. Each audio has Brainwave entrainment audio technology, to support a calmer and more peaceful state.


Visualisation is a powerful technique for refining your self-image and imagining positive scenes and outcomes, working to create more positive attitudes and behaviours for yourself. Visualisation is extremely powerful as the brain can’t tell the difference between what is imagined (visualised or self-hypnosis) and what is an actual event. The visualization process is something many elite sportspeople use regularly as part of their training and preparing their mindset to achieve their sporting goals. Using this methodology from sport psychology we have created guided visualization audios to empower others in reaching their personal goals. When you visualize your brain generates alpha waves, when we produce alpha waves, you experience increased relaxation, focus & pleasure, and reduce pain, stress & anxiety.

Benefits of Visualization
Increase Relaxation
Decrease Stress and Anxiety
Increase Confidence
Increase Focus and Goal Setting
Improve Self-Image
Reduce Pain, Stress and Anxiety

Meditation alone is a powerful tool to bring calmness and clarity to your life. Academic Research is continuing to show the health benefits of meditation including regulating blood pressure, heart disease, stress, anxiety and depression. Some of the best, most revealing neuroscience research on the effects of meditation practice has involved brain imaging via EEG imaging which shows meditation produces alpha and theta brain wave activity, which help to relax and destress the mind and body. Regular meditation practice can help to relax and calm your mind-body system, letting your nervous system settle into a state of deep rest, and turn down the dial on your stress levels.

Benefits of Meditation :
Improves concentration and focus
Calms the immune system
Assists with fertility
Destress and calm the nervous system
Improves self-acceptance and self-confidence

All background music on the app uses an audio technology known as "binaural beats". These binaural beats are embedded in the music in order to bring about a positive change in brainwave activity, encouraging states of relaxation and meditation. Best played with headphones, Binaural Beats or “binaural tones” are created by playing slightly different frequencies separately into each ear. The difference between the two frequencies stimulates a response in the brain which correlates with this frequency difference. For example, if we play a 100 Hz tone to the left ear and a 105 Hz tone to the right ear, a frequency of 5 Hz is stimulated. This is what is known as the “frequency following response”. Brainwave entrainment audio is a great technology for encouraging altered states of consciousness and to help others reach deeper states of relaxation. The 5 brainwaves (In order of lowest frequency to higher) are: Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta and Gamma.
Updated on
Jan 25, 2021

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