Plague Inc.
Offers in-app purchases
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Review from Sérgio Carvalho
A model for freemium games Great game, excellent integration of paid features on a fully free playable game. It misses 5 stars just because of a bug. After I access world data, bubbles become unclickable and when I return to the world data screen, it is empty (the background is there, but not the list of data). I'm on android 4.2.1 on a nexus 7.


What's New
Plague Inc. Mutation 7 discovered – Scenarios
1. Scenarios expansion pack
- 14 new gameplay modes let you experiment with real life diseases, significantly alter the world and more! Develop new strategies and approaches to see if you can still infect the world.
- The Black Death is back. The original strain failed 700 years ago but can you do things differently this time?
- This scenario as well as Global Warming, Smallpox, Volcanic Eruptions, H1N1 and many more await you!


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