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Sobre este app

      "Blind-Droid Wallet" is designed specially for blind and visually impaired people!
It's indispensable for offline paper money recognition.
Bring a bill to the camera of your smartphone and its value will be pronounced.


   1. Internet connection is not required, completely offline recognition.
   2. Voice, sound, and visual alerts.
   3. Quick access to some application settings, straight from the main window:
      - Tap on the "Information Panel" to open the application settings dialog;
      - Long tap on the "Information Panel" to enable / disable "Higher Accuracy Scanning";
      - Tap on the "main area" to focus camera;
      - Long tap on the "main area" to enable / disable the flash.
   4. The basic application package includes only US dollars and Euros support. Other currencies can be added as separate modules (plug-ins).
   5. Constantly expanding geographic coverage. We are happy to add new currencies, improve and update existing ones.
   6. All currency modules are tested by volunteers from the respective countries.
   7. Interface languages: Russian, English, Arabic, Bulgarian, German, Spanish, Persian, Croatian, Hungarian, Italian, Hebrew, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Slovenian, Serbian, Turkish, Vietnamese, Chinese.

      Tip: To avoid recognition errors show Blind-Droid Wallet both sides of the bill. Make sure it says the same values.

      Attention: Blind-Droid Wallet does not distinguish counterfeit banknotes from authentic ones, so - beware!

      If you would like to add new currencies, interface languages or update existing ones, please email Alexander Yevdokimov:

      "Blind-Droid Apps" is the project to develop applications designed specifically for visually impaired people!

      If you want to support further development of the "Blind-Droid Apps" project
or simply would like to thank developers for existing applications,
just install one or more of the following applications:
   — "Blind-Droid Wood Donation" ($ 2);
   — "Blind-Droid Bronze Donation" ($ 5);
   — "Blind-Droid Silver Donation" ($ 10);
   — "Blind-Droid Gold Donation" ($ 15).
Also you have an unique opportunity to immortalize your name by adding it into a separate VIP-sponsors list!
To do so simply install the "Blind-Droid VIP Donation" application.
   — "Blind-Droid VIP Donation" ($ 50).

   Please note: Names of all VIP-sponsors would be showen in each "Blind-Droid Apps" project application!

   "Blind-Droid Apps" team and all our users thank sponsors for their contribution to the development of the project
and for our new applications designed specifically for visually impaired people!
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1 de abr. de 2020

Segurança dos dados

Nesta seção, os desenvolvedores podem exibir informações sobre como o app coleta e usa seus dados. Saiba mais sobre a segurança dos dados
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388 avaliações
Um usuário do Google
9 de fevereiro de 2019
app muito bom, reconhece rapidamente as cédulas e informa o valor através de voz.
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Jose Carlos Mendes de oliveira
13 de setembro de 2020
Um pouco lento no reconhecimento de R$, mas bem útil.
Essa avaliação foi marcada como útil por 3 pessoas
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Um usuário do Google
4 de abril de 2017
Excelente! Merece, sim, uma doação. Rápido e não trava. Samsung Galaxy J2. O melhor que já usei.
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O que há de novo

+ Application is optimized for devices running Android 9 (Pie).
+ Added support for 64-bit architectures.
+ New interface language: Indonesian.
* Updated code responsible for the bills recognition.
* Other code and interface fixes.