MMGuardian™ Parental Control
Offers in-app purchases
Review from Kris Lovin
Works great Great app. I use this for me just 2 keep me from getting distracted. I love the reviews from the kids lol. I'm 25 not long ago i was in their shoes, i now have 2 boys. You can bet this app will be on their phones. They won't notice it is there unless they blow it then they won't have a phone 2 worry about. Kids if your not paying for you phone then suck it up or pay for your own. Most parents just want keep you safe. If u feel 2 limited TALK 2 mom don't whine. 2 be treated like an adult act like 1. :)


What's New
-Bug fix on time limit
-Add app usage
-other enhancements and bug fixes
-Enhancements on lock and re-lock
-Bug fixes on app usage and contact report
-bug fix on time limit configured by parent app or portal.
-various bug fixes and enhancement.
- Add app usage limit
- Bug fixes on several issues
- New pricing is enabled
- Bug fixes.


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