OfficeSuite Pro 7 (PDF&Fonts)
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Review from John Smith
How are there so many good reviews? Waste of money. This software is a big let down. Firstly, it requires the purchase of several other apps (from same developer) to be fully functional. Still lacks spell check, which it claimed to include when I originally purchased. What they did was add the option to purchase their spell check feature as a $5 dollar add-in. All andriod office suites that I have tried, this one too, has trouble converting some office 2010 formatting. Most don't have problems when office tries to open a doc it created, this crap software does. I purchased this app expecting it to be an improvement on Polaris Office (which was included with my Note 10.1) it is not. Even Kings Office, which is FREE, is more functional than this so called office suite. With all the add-in crap you have to purchase, this app will end up costing almost as much as the student version of ms office, for a cheap knock off. To make the $15 "pro" version fully functional, you must purchase the same publisher's dictionary set ($20 to $40), spell check ($10.)
Mobile Systems, Inc. December 6, 2013
Hello John, the font pack is necessary only to those who need genuine Microsoft fonts, as opposed to the standard Android ones that most Android users need. You can download a free dictionary by MobiSystems - it is called The Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus. Please contact us about the spellchecker at


What's New
What's new in version 7.4.1857
* Fixed issue with save to remote accounts
What's new in version 7.4.1853
* Update to Open SSL 1.0.1g.
* Fixed issue with PhotoSuite.
What's new in version 7.4.1803
* New Chart dialog with ability to preview the chart.
* Improved Export to pdf page settings dialog .
* Improved more intuitive display borders dialog .
* Ability to drag and move text .


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