OfficeSuite Pro 7 (PDF&Fonts)
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Review from Tom Stefanac
Worked very well but now buggy Since updating to Android 4.1.1 this software has become slow at times, it will not sync with my Google Drive and randomly corrupts otherwise healthy files. So now I have to save two copies of everything just in case. Otherwise, the software is great, it does everything I need it to do and opens most any file without issue. If it were not for the other bugs this would be totally top notch. I hope the developer can figure out the bug. Galaxy Nexus 4.1.2
Mobile Systems, Inc. December 13, 2012
Our next update should be here in a few weeks. Please let us know if problems persist. The best way to have two way communication is by sending an e-mail to


What's New
What's new in version 7.4.1857
* Fixed issue with save to remote accounts
What's new in version 7.4.1853
* Update to Open SSL 1.0.1g.
* Fixed issue with PhotoSuite.
What's new in version 7.4.1803
* New Chart dialog with ability to preview the chart.
* Improved Export to pdf page settings dialog .
* Improved more intuitive display borders dialog .
* Ability to drag and move text .


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