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With Express Dictate, record dictations directly on your Android phone or tablet using the simple voice recording controls that are designed to mimic an old style dictaphone dictation recorder. Record, playback, rewind, insert or overwrite sections of the dictation file as needed. Then simply tap send to have the dictation file compressed and emailed to your typist.

This pocket version of Express Dictate is designed to have all the features you need for easy and reliable dictation on the go. Perfect for doctors, lawyers and other professionals that want to record information while it it is still fresh whether they are at the courthouse, out of town or simply not near their computer. Not only will recording dictations on your phone more convenient for you, but it will also improve turnaround time by getting recordings to your typist faster.

HIPAA compliant secure encryption of dictation recordings is also available for protecting sensitive client or patient information.
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