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Works, but wrong tool for the job I now have three ways to read the Globe electronically: the GlobeReader on my PC, the Globe online on my tablet (using a browser), and now this Boston Globe Android app. The app is by far the clunkiest and least friendly of the three. The problem is, it's giving (apparently) an exact image of the printed page. And that's no way to read the paper on a small screen, even on a 10" tablet. The designers of the Globe Reader recognized this, and that's why it's right now the best way to read the paper electronically. So please, Globe crew, give us an Android version of the Globe Reader, so that we can read the paper in a form that's suited to small devices. Note also that this app is a memory hog. When I downloaded today's Sunday Globe, it told me I was downloading 1+ GB. How long is that sustainable? Not very. I doubt that I'll keep this app. Until a Globe Reader app comes along, I'll make do with Globe Online in a browser when I want to read on my tablet.


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Bug fixes.


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