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About this app

MedTodo (formerly pill reminder app) is FREE, All in One, Single App experience for all you medication & health schedules/reminder needs, which helps to track pills & medication schedule, planned vaccine, Doctor Appointments, Daily health measurements recording like fever, blood pressure, blood sugar level, and glucose, etc, and your diet plan.

💊 Main Features

• Pill reminder, extremely easy & customizable alarm with snooze and bulk take, update options.
• Best app for all your medication needs
• Child health and parent health manager. You can add unlimited number of dependents.
• Medicine tracker using any kind of routine suggested by your Dr.
• Customized Refill reminders. You can set when you'd like to get reminder.
• Dr appointment manager and sync with your device calendar
• Can add Unlimited number of medicine, pills, injection, Dr appointment, vaccine and health measurements.
• Generate reports about your heath activity.
• Track health measurements for various medical conditions (blood pressure, fever, diabetes, hypertension, anxiety, depression, blood sugar levels etc)
• Android watch, band enabled. It will notify you.

The app comprises 5 major sections:

💢 Medication Reminder
💢 New Measurements
💢 Doctor Appointment & Visits
💢 Vaccine Reminders
💢 Water intake & Diet Tracker

Following is how this app helps you improving your medications adherence:


- You can schedule & track medicine, pills, syrups, injections, insulin capsules, or any type of medicines prescribed by your doctor. Not only that, but you can also LINK specific doctor visits where that medicine was prescribed to you by your doctor. You can manage notes and doctor instructions about your medications that will help you not forget a single thing about HOW you need to take the medicine.

Another great feature of this section is Inventory Setting. Here you can enter the number of medications left in your medical box and tell it to send an alert when you are left with a certain number. The app will notify that ‘You are running out of medication’ as soon as you reach that amount.


This section lets you store various health measurements such as

✓ blood pressure readings,
✓ heartbeat rate,
✓ sugar level, etc.

It contains standard measurements for each health problem and matches them with the readings you take to see if you are doing well. For example, the normal blood pressure reading is 120/80.


It helps you to set reminders in order to keep track of upcoming doctor appointments.

💢 It also lets you

record the audio of the entire conversation between you and doctor by their consent.

Doctors often give you a lot of information quickly. This will help you keep record of the doctor’s advice and replay as necessary to confirm your understanding. Also, the Important Note feature in this section helps you take written notes of everything that the doctor says.


Timely vaccinations are important to ensure healthy growth of your child. To make things easier, use the

Vaccine Reminder feature

of our app. Here you will find numerous vaccination schedule templates.

The section has two features:

✓Active Vaccines
✓Schedule Vaccines

In Active Vaccines, there is a list of vaccines that you can select from to indicate the ones your child has already received. It has built-in templates for vaccinations like measles, polio, severe hack we call it whooping cough, and others. Here you can set reminders to ensure your child receives timely immunizations.

Diet & Water Intake Reminder:

You can also track your daily water intake, track your breakfast, track your lunch & dinner and any custom diet plan.

Getting timely water reminders helps you keep hydrated throughout the day.
Updated on
Mar 9, 2021

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Ratings and reviews

121 reviews
Poes Law
July 18, 2022
It has potential, but from what I can tell the developer has abandoned it. No new updates, phone number has been disconnected and many easy to reproduce application crashing bugs. It seems like a wonderful idea and with just a few bug fixes could really help people out. If the developer posts a reply I will happily take this review down I just want to know if there is any hope for this software or if it's time to morn what could've been a great medical app.
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Elijah Hubley
March 9, 2021
** Update for developer's new snarky reply ** Nope, that's not what I suggested at all. If you want to call the Reminders page the "home" page then it should actually include the functionality of a home page, providing easy access to the rest of the app, and the user should be able to return to it by hitting back from any other page. I didn't say anything about replacing it. Besides, the Reminders page doesn't even function like a reminders page should. It shows ALL medication, even if it's already been taken for the day. An actual, functional reminders page should show only the pending medications - you know, like an actual REMINDER of what needs to be taken. As it is, it's just a list of all medication, which clutters the UI making it less useful. And your remark about concern for the UI is laughable, given the state of the entire app, especially after that nonsense excuse you just replied with, especially since you ignored every other detailed remark I left. **** Updated for 2.0.9 developer reply: (Spoiler: it's still bad) **** 1) You missed the point entirely. What you call a "home page" is the "My Reminders" page; there is still no actual home screen. A home screen should be accessible by hitting the phone's back button from any of the other pages, but that just exits the app. 2) The button you added is terribly implemented. 2)A) The button shows 4 options for "Reports" – BUT IT DOESN'T EVEN OPEN THE REPORTS – it just shows the normal Medication/Measurement/Drink/Meal LIST/INPUT pages. 2)B) IT DOESN'T EVEN TAKE YOU TO THE ACTUAL PAGES, it just creates an overlay on top of the "My Reminders" page. I know this, because the back button only works on those pages if they have been opened from that button, and the menu button is obscured, so using the back button to return to the "My Reminders" page is the only navigation option; it's not actually navigating in the app, it's creating a floating instance of the page. The back button on the phone still doesn't work anywhere in the app if you navigate to a page from the menu. Swiping on the "My Reminders" page (that you call "home") does nothing but change the date displayed. I don't understand why you would implement this terrible workaround instead of just having an actual home/landing page with direct links to each feature, which would allow faster navigation. 3) Still can't start a prescription on any date in the past. Do you really not understand that tracking start dates for prescriptions is important? You had to actually deliberately implement this limitation in the first place, which doesn't make sense at all. 4) You've hidden the custom time/date input for doses behind the "Take Now" button. Again, horrible UI design. Should be a separate button, or at the very least change that button label to "Add dose". 5) What "medication detail page" are you talking about? There's no page by that name in this app. The remaining quantity is now visible on the "My Reminders" page now, but is NOT visible on the actual "Medication Report" or the "My Mediations" page, and you've managed to screw up the implementation. You're just overwriting the original inventory amount with each dose instead of actually tracking usage. This is already a terrible practice, but is even worse since there's no way to remove a dose from the history, so any input errors (which are likely, due to the terrible UI design) permanently impact the inventory amount. You need to track doses separately and create a new variable for the current inventory so the users can keep record of their original prescription amounts, and add the ability to remove past doses. ******** From my original review: "This app is just terribly designed in every way. It's like the interface was designed by someone who has never used a smartphone, and the features were added by someone who's never had to track medication usage." ********
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MedTodo 💊⏰👨‍⚕️
March 9, 2021
Thanks for writing back again here and providing your free QA services. Displaying "My Reminders" as a first thing after the app is opened is the top priority here. What you've suggested is to add an extra page instead of direct reminders access would be the bad user experience as it'll add an extra step to access Reminders and interact with them.
A Google user
July 23, 2019
I'm impressed by the sophistication of the app, and how great the level of detail is when creating medications and setting up reminders. Unfortunately this isn't matched by its usability: navigating the different sections is quite clunky. The most frustrating aspect of this app is confirming medications were correctly admnistered, using the controls inside the notifications pop-ups. These are a great idea, however they don't work as expected, which in my case resulted in inaccurate stats.
8 people found this review helpful
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MedTodo 💊⏰👨‍⚕️
October 11, 2019
Hi Alessandro, thanks so much for taking some time and review the app. you'll glad to know there is an updated version coming out this month which not only have more features but also some quick navigation tools and better management. Feel free to reach out at support@pillreminderapp.com Thanks Pill Reminder & Health Tracker App

What's new

We always keep on working for better user experience and improved quality. Here are a few things parts of this update:

Improved Navigation (added shortcuts on home page to access reports and reminders)

Able to View/Update the Medication - Inventory right on medication detail page.

Add dose of a medication of one or multiple past days (it will be helpful for tracking already taken medications.