Field Trip
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Overall very interesting app Excellent data (I live in a large and historic city, Philadelphia, so that's probably why there's so much data) but a few nitpicks about execution. The pop up alerts are obtrusive, I would much rather have the option of having my alerts show up in my notification slider or *hint hint* as Google Now cards. Also, no way to mark locations as "read" or something like that or have a filter that removes already read items from the map. Otherwise, an excellent concept and very nice execution.


What's New
- Rate each card with 1 to 5 stars to tell us how much you like it.
- Preview publisher content and get a glimpse of what each publisher offers.
- Access the nearby, recent, favorite, and map tabs via the new bottom bar.
- Swipe cards up or down to browse to the next or previous card.
- Important settings are simplified and easily accessible in the left drawer.


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