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NowNow is your all-in-one delivery app that delivers everyday-essentials to your doorstep within minutes. From grocery shopping to pharmacy delivery, NowNow is the only delivery app you'll ever need.

Shop groceries online from your favourite local grocery stores

Get medicines delivered from local pharmacies near you

Shop fresh bread, cakes, cookies and more from the best bakeries in town

Reasons to shop on NowNow

Experience fast and reliable delivery service. Store to door in minutes

Multiple services through one app - groceries, pharmacies, butcheries and more

Large assortment of popular merchants and stores

Easy and secure way of shopping online

Unique brand experience

Shop Grocery Online
Say goodbye to queuing at checkout, looking for parking and carrying heavy groceries for miles. NowNow is your one stop app for grocery delivery in minutes. Get deliveries from your favourite local grocery stores and the best supermarkets in your neighborhood.

Enjoy your grocery shopping from Choithrams, Spinneys, Waitrose, Al Adil, Supermache, Grandiose, Al Maya and so many more.

Order Medicines Online
Get your medicines online with the click of a button. From vitamins and supplements to over-the-counter pills from 800 Pharmacy, Thumbay Pharmacy, Seif Pharmacy, Health First pharmacy amongst many others.

Shop Speciality stores Online
With the NowNow delivery app you can also enjoy specialty stores with gourmet and organic food for every mood. Shop from Down to Earth Organic, Wild and the moon, Candylicious, Namastea and more.

Shop Bakeries Online
Shop sweets, candies cakes, macaroons, croissants and more from your favourite Hummingbird Bakery, The Cookie Bandits, G’s Bakery, Yamanote Atelier, Puranmal & Bikanervala.

Shop Meat Shops Online
Get your hands on fresh meat from your local butcheries
from the comfort of your home and get your groceries delivered within minutes. Our contactless delivery will ensure the safety of you & your family.

Available across Dubai
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6 يناير 2022
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