Pocket Fort
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What's New
New with Lv.10 HQ related contents
- Increase number of Defenses:
1 Barbette;
1 Gunner Tower;
1 Mega Laser;
1 Super Bomb
- Extended level of units:
Bio-sapper Lv.6; Bomber Lv. 6;
Plasma Hunter Lv.6;
Nurse Lv. 4; Inferno Lv.4;
KK Lv.4
- New construction level:
HQ Lv. 10;
Parade Ground Lv.8;
R&D Center Lv.8;
Barbette Lv.12;
Wall Lv.10;
Missile Battery Lv. 8;
Rocket Launcher Lv.8;
Prism Tower Lv.7;
Alliance Center Lv.5
-In-game memory optimization and other bug fixes.


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