Zombie Minesweeper
Review from Yang Zhao
Best "Twitch Puzzler" yet Puzzle games with elements of fast-paced play are oft-tried but just as often fall victim to becoming an action game with subpar puzzling, or too frustrating of a puzzler due to its over fast pace. Zombie Minesweeper is a rare gem that actually manages to strike a good balance. Seasoned Minesweeper players must unlearn some habits to maximize their scores (unflagged mines do not count towards points) but will immediately feel at home once familiarized with the controls. The action game side of the equation cannot be ignored, however, as players must make split second decisions on what items to use and when, which path to take, and how much risk to take at every turn. Overall aesthetic is charming and the attention to detail is obvious. The UI can sometimes feel clunky, but such is the nature of touch. The Combo Score overlays can feel annoying at first, but remember that you're not racing the clock. One complaint is that entropy can sometimes get in the way of getting all Mines Flagged bonuses despite perfect play, but the flaw is not fatal. If you love Minesweeper and blowing up zombies, this is a game not to be passed on.


What's New
1.6.11: Support more screen sizes, so you can click on all levels on the map now.
1.6.10: Another new version to help with crashes and compatibility and minor fixes!
Should now work on all Nexus 10, Galaxy Note II, Galaxy S III, and more!