Zombie Minesweeper
Review from Dennis McDaniel
A lot of fun--when it works I've only had ZM a couple of days, and I've really enjoyed it when I've been able to get it to run. The gameplay is a nice mix of puzzle and action--a very unique idea. The problem is that it's very unreliable. Often, when I try to launch it, it will drop back to the OS after the Unity screen. It's also done the same after hitting the play button on the main menu. I will try reinstalling to see if I can remedy the problem, but I hope for a patch soon.


What's New
1.6.11: Support more screen sizes, so you can click on all levels on the map now.
1.6.10: Another new version to help with crashes and compatibility and minor fixes!
Should now work on all Nexus 10, Galaxy Note II, Galaxy S III, and more!