OMG! Ubuntu! for Android
Review from Emilio Fahr
Surprisingly great! Not usually a fan of apps for specific websites but this one has it all. Comments are integrated nicely, when clicking a link in-app, you are taken to the article in-app (as apposed to taking you to the browser like many others), and the interface is beautiful! Great job, guys!


What's New
Changes in 2.3.0/2.3.1:
Styled to match the look and feel of the updated site
YouTube videos now open in the YT app or external browsers
Articles on tablets in landscape mode have restricted width for easier reading
New sidebar using Android's native drawer
New unread only view
High resolution card assets
Fixed missing notifications due to backend changes
Now using Dagger and Butter Knife
Previous Changes:
Added responsive article buttons
New cards and card view
Added a DashClock extension


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