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À propos de l'application

TimeTonic is a new way to organize, discuss and share information, instantly and privately. It`s so simple yet so complete, our customers tell us it's quite revolutionary. We hope you'll like it too!

In this world of complex business and vertical top-down applications, TimeTonic offers a refreshing agile, flexible alternative that is easy to use and can be totally customized to your own needs.

Built for professionals who constantly juggle between multiple dispersed tools, TimeTonic is already used in organizations of all sizes for team messaging, to create mobile vertical applications and to manage clients, events, movie productions, insurance contracts and projects or activities of all kinds.

How does it work?

Collaboration Workspaces

You first need to create workspaces – we call them books – using the web interface. Create as many books as you want, for example by project, by team or by topic.

You can then open your books on your mobile phone and start sharing messages, write notes, access important documents or record photos. Each book is private by default (you can write to yourself), but of course you can invite the people of your choice (customers, colleagues, partners).

Flexible Database

Each book also contains Smart-tables®, a new kind of relational database, as flexible as a spreadsheet, yet as easy to use as cards you can move around on the screen.

Each database table can be totally customized with text, numbers, files, dates, checkboxes, colour codes and comment fields. And to make sure that you always know exactly who changed what when, TimeTonic keeps the history of all changes.

Start with the initial CRM, movie production, project, expense, or event management templates provided in the application or custom-tailor your Smart-tables to transform them into your very own dream management solution, adapted to your needs and to your way of working, in minutes.

Emails and text messages

One last thing: every book has its own email address. It's never been easier to stay organized as a team: just cc TimeTonic to make sure everyone is in sync! And you can even text messages directly to your books. Ideal to record that important idea or to 'get rid' of expense reports.
Date de mise à jour
10 juin 2024

Sécurité des données

La sécurité, c'est d'abord comprendre comment les développeurs collectent et partagent vos données. Les pratiques concernant leur confidentialité et leur protection peuvent varier selon votre utilisation, votre région et votre âge. Le développeur a fourni ces informations et peut les modifier ultérieurement.
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Handling autodoc urls, handling group accordeons, enforcing mandatory fields,
and other goodies and bug fixes