Open Garden: Internet Sharing
Review from John Ramirez
No longer working It works great when browsing but my tablet does not recognized it has an internet connection when trying to access internet through apps that require the web. I would love to be able to use this for mobile invoicing with QuickBooks and Credit Card app. We would gladly pay and give 5 stars if we could get other apps to work while connected.7 Update: Downgrade from 4 stars, Constantly having Wifi connection problems on 3 devices when I use this app, I loose signal and no Internet connection, This is conflict
Open Garden April 24, 2013
Please update to 2.1.7 and let us know if you're still experiencing connectivity issues. Thanks!


What's New
Please visit us at if you have trouble so we can help fix the issue quickly. Thank you!
2.8.6 changes:
- Change: Improve discoverability
- Feature: Facebook connect! (optional)
- Feature: LAN and Wi-Fi Direct connections
- Feature: Multi-Hop: chain multiple devices to reach the internet far away
- Feature: Channel bonding: use multiple paths to the Internet simultaneously


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