Open Garden: Internet Sharing
Review from Clinton Flowers
Only thing that worked for me; works mostly I use a Nexus 7 16 gb running 4.2 and a OG Droid RAZR running Verizon's accidentally pushed 4.1.2. All other apps tried to ask Verizon if I bought tethering (though I only get 4 gigs, not unlimited), but this one just worked over Bluetooth. It does not work with most apps, including Netflix and Speedtest, and it works with play store but will not download, but Chrome works fine. I personally like lots of options, and I hear this stays as an unstoppable background process, so it loses a bit of points there.
Open Garden January 30, 2013
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What's New
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2.8.6 changes:
- Change: Improve discoverability
- Feature: Facebook connect! (optional)
- Feature: LAN and Wi-Fi Direct connections
- Feature: Multi-Hop: chain multiple devices to reach the internet far away
- Feature: Channel bonding: use multiple paths to the Internet simultaneously


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