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Looking for a weekend getaway with your partner ✈️🧳, planning to solo travel for a month, or taking off for a week-long family vacation 🏝️, find cheap hotels at the best locations on the OYO reservation app

OYO is the world’s third-largest hotel and vacation homes chain with a presence in over 80+ countries.

Our network in the USA is spread across 70+ cities, with 250+ hotels and over 15,000+ rooms. We have locations in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Florida, and more. Stay in OYO hotels across cities like Dallas, Houston, Oklahoma City, and more 🗽

OYO Hotels are also present on Expedia, Booking.com, Hotels.com, Priceline, Skyscanner, Kayak, Travelocity, Hotwire, Orbitz, Agoda. Download the OYO app to book hotels directly with lowest price guarantee.

- Best deals on rooms and new offers everyday
- 33% Discount on all hotel stays
- $25 UberEats credits on 1st hotel booking
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Looking for cheap hotels or motel with bnb to crash for a night? Or searching for a place where you can stay for weeks working on a project? Plenty of short and long-term hotel booking options

- 33% OFF + Extra 10% OFF on long stay of more than 7-nights booking🤑
- 33% OFF + Extra 20% OFF on long stay of more than 14-nights booking🤑

A Simple 3 Tap Booking process lets you book hotels tonight. Book a room in under a minute, without any hassle.

Search for rooms in top cities across 37+ US States. Plan your next travel, and OYO will find you a hotel to stay

Apply filters and shortlist top choices for your travel. Location, price, type of room, facilities, and payment options to narrow your search. Tell us what your ideal room is, and we will find hotels with bnb for you!

✔️ Review
Find all the information you require for your travel needs about any hotel on their detail page. Prices, amenities, guest rules, and more are clearly detailed out for complete transparency

Have you made up your travel plans? Book the room, and your booking will be confirmed instantly. Need more time to make the travel decision? Save your choice for later and come back to complete your travel bookings.

- Pay at the hotel💳
Our flexible pay at the hotel policy allows you to make a no-strings-attached booking. No credit card details are required during booking

- Free cancellation policy 🗸
Changed your mind about the trip? Don’t worry about losing your money owing to our generous free cancellation policy on your hotel booking

- Breakfast included🍽️
Wake up to coffee and breakfast spread waiting for you at the hotel restaurant. Hotel booking with bnb and no extra charges!

- ISO certified guest reviews🗸
Find ISO-certified guest reviews on all travel bookings

- Original photos📸
Know what you are paying for with verified original photos of all rooms in the listed hotels to help with your bookings

- Referral program🗸
Attractive benefits with our referral program.
1. $40 UberEats Voucher for you
2. 40% OFF for your friend on their bookings

- One of the top travel apps with 50M+ Downloads
- Among the top-rated travel apps with a Play Store rating of 4.7 🏆
- 80% hotel reviews are rated 4+ on Tripadvisor and 8+ on Booking.com
- ~100mn global users, 40mn+ guests in the last 6 yrs
- Among the top three downloaded global hotel reservation app
- 92% revenue from repeat customers
- Strategic partnership with Airbnb reservation app

Skip the hassle of looking for motel rooms and complete your bookings using OYO's reservation app to find cheap hotels tonight
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Tan Toy's
5 أغسطس 2021
للأسف غير واضح ولا يوجد مصداقية و الفنادق المتوفر أسعار غير متطابقة... يقول متوفر تروح الفندق يقولك مافيه شاغر و خدمات العملاء في مصر وللأسف تحاول تتواصل مع الفندق من خلال رقمهم على قوقل ماب يحولك على خدمات العملاء... فضلاً لا أمراً يا إدارة التطبيق إذا لم تكن مستعد لمواجهة السوق و المتطلبات لا تجبر المستخدم بتحميل التطبيق وشكراً ( جاري الحذف)
رأى 15 شخصًا أنّ هذه المراجعة مفيدة.
هل كان هذا المحتوى مفيدًا؟
5 أغسطس 2021
Hi Tan! We highly appreciate your feedback as it will assist us in becoming better at what we do. We'll surely forward your feedback to our concern team for them to look into this. Thank you for your feedback. ~SY
1 مايو 2022
تجربة سيئة سرقوا مني مبلغ وقدره حيث تم الخصم من بطاقتي المصرفية بطريقة النصب والاحتيال
هل كان هذا المحتوى مفيدًا؟
1 مايو 2022
Hi there, please email us on saudi.escalations@oyorooms.com . We will surely look into your concern and guide you accordingly.~ AJ
Falah Alazmi
23 ديسمبر 2021
لا يدعم العربيه بشكل كامل... التعليقات السلبيه جعلتني اتردد بالاستخدام
رأى 8 أشخاص أنّ هذه المراجعة مفيدة.
هل كان هذا المحتوى مفيدًا؟
31 ديسمبر 2021
مرحبًا ، نأسف للإزعاج الذي سببته. سنشارك بالتأكيد تعليقاتك مع فريقنا ذي الصلة.~AR


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