Peerus is a scientific monitoring platform: it will provide you with the latest publications of your interest in real time. On state-of-the-art platforms, you can easily find yourself with hundreds of articles to read that are not necessarily in your scope. The number of mails and results is massive and you may miss some important papers when trying to go through all the information.

The idea of Peerus is first and foremost to select a few relevant publications for you each day.

Our tool also stands out because of the exhaustiveness of the information gathered. Peerus is not affiliated to any publishing company, and finds papers from many journals belonging to different publishers. It also certifies that what is presented is indeed an article, whereas others bring back irrelevant information (conference acts, unscientific communication…).

Peerus is an advanced algorithm that analyzes and retrieves information. For example, it identifies authors (finds their affiliations / domains and distinguishes between homonyms), and also the semantic field of abstracts, and then compares it to your field of research and interest.

Behind Peerus is a strong network of neurons for each user which learns what is of interest for them and that will refine the publications brought up every day, while being very wide on journals. An article may be of interest to you but published in a journal that you do not know at all. And that’s very interesting.

Finally we push the papers, that is to say they come to you.

The Peerus Application has been designed to quickly swipe the papers of interest and save for later the ones that you would like to read in full details later on. So don't forget to register first and configure your account before using it:
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*Share By : you can share any paper with your smartphone applications

*Registration Form : if you doesn't have an account, now you can create one

*Menu : New Papers, My Library and Settings

*My Library : contains saved papers

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