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Neato! A good strategy in attention mode is to think "You stupid bloody cupcake! Rise! RISE, DARN YOU!" ;-) While it's great that we got 5 extra levels in the paid version, the game could use a lot of enhancements. I would like to see some smoother transitions between levels. Maybe we could have some incremental difficulty rises depending on the user's progress. It'd be really nice if the scoring system made more sense and was plotted on a chart over time. I'd like a way of measuring my improvement beyond my own personal, biased, subjective measures. Overall, it's fun, but it feels more like a tech demo than a finished app. But it's the only Neurosky app worth owning on the Android, thus far, so this is what I'll play with for now. :-(


What's New
* Updated menu graphics.
* Enhancements to memory management and NeuroSky Mindwave Mobile connectivity.
* Improved support for large-resolution screens (eg: tablets)
* v1.11 update includes improved screen to screen navigation plus a fix to scale images (backgrounds, etc) on large screens.


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