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1 for now If anyone can advise me on this, email me: Doctor90250@yahoo.com. I have 86mb available, the app is 49.5mb, yet it keeps saying insufficient storage available. I'm also going to email the dev but any help will be appreciated.


What's New
** v2.4.0:
- 2 New Free Effects: Easter Eggs & EVE Bombardment!
** v2.3.0:
- 7 New Effects added to prank your friends! Demon Scare effect is FREE!
** v2.2.1:
- Introducing Free Offers! Unlock effects by completing sponsored offers
- 7 New Effects added!
** v2.1.0:
- 7 New Effects added! 2 New FREE!
** v2.0.1:
- Introducing the FREE EFFECT OF THE DAY!
More effects coming soon!
If you are still having problems contact support@picadelic.com. Thank you!