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ProCVT is the world’s first wearable/app combo capable of measuring the activity level of the parasympathetic nervous system in real time. This allows accurate and objective measures to be made of fatigue, stress and recovery from training; it can even monitor when a person is about to fall asleep.

ProCVT is unique in its ability to measure Cardiac Vagal Tone (CVT). An individual’s CVT is measured by taking a high resolution Electro Cardiograph (ECG), and passing the resulting data through our patented algorithm. Every time the heart beats the brainstem makes an assessment of the state of the body and surrounding external environmental factors before it sends a message to the heart via the vagal nerve. CVT is an objective measure of this communication.

ProCVT is the miniaturised version of an existing medical device which is the clinical standard for parasympathetic measurement, allowing the measure of CVT to be taken from the clinic into the field for the first time.

To use ProCVT a miniature ECG device is needed, and an account at ProBiometrics. For more information on ProCVT and what it can do for you and your organisation contact one of our consultants at sales@probiometrics.co.uk
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4 янв. 2018 г.

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