Tapatalk Pro
Review from Henry Prentiss
Potentially good app, but problems - original was better and I paid for both! :,( I bought 'regular' version six months ago. Installed this new HD version, and it did NOT import my forums and passwords! I just spent a lot of time manually doing this. Plus, search function is terrible for finding 'new' forums. It just says no such forum, but changing words can help. It is also stupid that a lot of the forums I frequent do not have a 'TT' app option, so when you purchase this product, beware: of the 'tens of thousands' of forums they brag about, it sure is hard to find them! Junk!


What's New
1. Fixed major lagging issue when switch pages
2. Fixed launching the app from a url issue
3. Fixed enter protected forum require password every time issue
1. Hot topics are now searchable in the Explore tab!
2. Pasting a url into IMG tags will no longer include an extra space
3. Forums can now be set to favorites
4. Post number will update correctly after replies
5. Search history in forums can now be saved
6. Fixed a missing notification issue


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