What's New
V 2.0.1 Bug fix - Now Playing info
V 1.7.18 Fixed issue with coupons on HTC 2.3.5
V 1.7.17 Bug fixes
V 1.7.16 Update logos when version changes
V 1.7.15 Minor bug fixes.
V 1.7.14 Better sound quality and faster stream
V 1.7.13 Fixed FB share
V 1.7.12 Added Coupons link to the main menu for available coupons from Beasley radio stations.
V. 1.7.10 fixed issue displaying partners with multiple pictures
V. 1.7.9 Minor bug fixes
V. 1.7.8 Minor bugs fixed.
V. 1.2.0 Fixed issue with 2.3.3 firmware.