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Informacje o aplikacji

Buy, sell, bid at auctions and auction off your products at the largest second hand shop and auction house in Switzerland. New or used products, flea market bargains or second hand offers starting at CHF 1: you can have them all! Buying and selling are always safe: in case of need, we support you and protect you with our buyer and seller protection programs. Download and enjoy the most secure Swiss online flea market app now!

Always find what you are looking for: over 1.5 million listings, auctions and offers from private sellers or merchants. New, used, vintage goods or collectibles: all available.
3.7 mio. members await you: Find a buyer, seller or collector for your antique furniture or designer goods, coins or stamps.
• Buy second hand and protect the environment!
• Many auctions start from as little as CHF 1
Security, the Swiss way: thanks to our buyer and seller protection programs you are protected at all times on the most secure Swiss flea market and marketplace.
Make money and reach high prices by auctioning off your products.

In our online and second hand shop you will find everything. Are you looking for a used car, a motorbike, moped or a tractor? Are you a fan of technology or electronics and would like to buy a used mobile phone? Are you decorating your apartment on a budget, so you would like to buy used furniture? Or do you want to sell your old furniture first? In any of those cases, Ricardo is the right place for you!
Register and buy or sell goods, such as designer fashion, watches, second hand clothes, garden furniture or more, locally in your neighbourhood or throughout Switzerland.

1. Save money!
Ricardo does not compare to other Swiss classified shops and shopping apps: find great bargains that are auctioned off starting at CHF 1, low price offers and amazing deals.
2. Buy and sell wherever and whenever you like!
On our online flea market and marketplace you can buy and sell 24/7. The Ricardo app lets you access more than 1.5 million offers anytime and anywhere.
3. Shop and sell sustainably and locally!
Buying and selling items locally and/or second hand is not only good for your wallet, but also for the environment. Buying and selling used goods is ecologically wise, reduces waste and unnecessary new purchases.
4. Find antique or rare items!
Are you a hunter of antiques or a collector who loves flea markets? Then Ricardo is the place for you: antiques, collectibles, vintage and rare items, coins, stamps and models, you will find them all on Switzerland’s largest marketplace.
5. Don’t miss a single offer!
With the Ricardo shopping app you can save anything you’re looking for: specific articles, filtered searches or sellers you like. We’ll send you push notifications as soon as any of your saved searches provide new hits or your favorite sellers post new articles for sale.
6. Security is key!
Buying on Ricardo means establishing a legally binding purchasing contract. In case of need, Ricardo’s buyer and seller protection programs protect you and your money at all times when selling and buying online.

Ricardo is a long-established Swiss company that has been on the market for over 20 years. We are the only major online auction house in Switzerland. Currently, more than 1.5 million products are offered for sale and more than 3.7 mio. registered buyers and sellers await your bids and listings.

Help us in getting better: do you have any requests, feedback or suggestions for improvement? Please, send an email to apps@ricardo.ch or use the feedback button in our new app!
You can also find us here:
Customer service in Switzerland: 0900 950 950 (Mon - Fri: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.; CHF 1/min; waiting loop free of charge)
A free help form is available at https://help.ricardo.ch/hc/de/requests/new
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19 lip 2022

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Podstawą bezpieczeństwa jest wiedza o tym, jak deweloperzy zbierają i udostępniają Twoje dane. Sposoby zapewniania prywatności i bezpieczeństwa danych mogą się różnić w zależności od użycia aplikacji, regionu i wieku użytkownika. Te informacje podał deweloper i z czasem może je aktualizować.
Ta aplikacja może udostępniać innym firmom te rodzaje danych
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24,2 tys. opinie
Adam Guzewski
11 lipca 2022
Very gut
Czy to było pomocne?
4 czerwca 2022
Wenn man eine Option "Automatischer-Sofortkauf" braucht, ist man super bedient. Sehr gefährlich für unerwünschte Käufe. Gleich deinstalliert.
1 osoba uznała tę opinię za przydatną
Czy to było pomocne?
Ricardo AG
5 lipca 2022
Ich bedaure, dass du mit einigen Fehler zu kämpfen hast. Wäre es dir allenfalls möglich unsere noch mehr Details zu den Fehler an apps@ricardo.ch zu senden? Dann können unsere Techniker dir bestimmt weiterhelfen. Liebe Grüsse Pamela
Stanislaw Pieczykolan
29 kwietnia 2022
Jest spoko
Czy to było pomocne?
Ricardo AG
3 maja 2022
Thanks for your great feedback and the 4 stars :) Best regards Pamela

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This release features some improvements under the hood, alongside some general bug fixes that will make your Ricardo experience much smoother.