Tehillim Together: Worldwide Tehillim Campaigns

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Tehillim (Psalms) Together: where the ancient power of prayer is harnessed by modern technology's ability to unite people across the globe.

Instantly create and share Tehillim campaigns, then complete your Tehillim from the stunning Sefer Tehillim included in the app.

Features include:

*Quickly start a Tehillim prayer campaign (Tehillim groups) for a loved one

*Share with people whom you would like to join the campaign

*Update the status of the person in need of prayers

*See how many times Tehillim was completed for campaign

*Personal Tehillim stats

*Sefer Tehillim with: interlinear translation; search by: chapter, day, tikkun klali, segulot.

*Audio recording of each chapter of Tehillim

*General sick person list: add a name, or read for current list of names
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11 févr. 2018

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