RMC: Android Call Recorder
Review from Andrew Eden Jones
Very poor quality Using on a samsung s3. Found the quality to be very poor, recording playback makes you sounds like max headroom when talking, and can hardly here the recording of the other person at the other end of phone. Now looking for a better recorder and cant recommend this.


What's New
Version 5.60.1247 (15 April 2014)
Bug fix Avast false alarm on latest update
Version 5.59.1246 (14 April 2014)
Bug fix cannot stop recording from notification for ICS
Bug fix change language does not need to restart the phone
Improve stop recording time
Version 5.58.1245 (4 April 2014)
Bug fix dismiss manual record after call end
Version 5.57.1244 (1 April 2014)
Improve stop recording speed for short call


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