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Informacje o aplikacji

We know riding a bike is awesome. That’s simple.
Getting your friend to ride with you might be a pain in the saddle though.
It even gets harder when you have few riding friends and so little time.

Now with a simple help of Ridemaker you can connect with all the cyclists around you.
In one app you will not only rejoin with friends but also find new ones.

It doesn’t matter if you ride a road bike, bmx, gravel or mountain bike. Twenty six or a niner. Skinny slicks or fat tyres.
You want to go for a quick spin around the neighborhood? Plan a weekend trip or fly with bike to a proper bike mecca?
Well, you would’t want to do it by yourself, would you?

Ride your bike, discover new trails and places, organize your trip or just fool around. But always do it with friends.

With Ridemaker it is.
Ostatnia aktualizacja
6 maj 2020

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Co nowego

We are constantly improving. Your feedback matters. Feel free to tell us, what you think we can change to improve.
What's changed:
- Feed - let's see what's happening around you
- You can follow people and people can follow you
- You can share the event
- Redesigned layout of the app a little bit
- Bug fixing and app stability improvements